Wild at Heart are Kim and Darren, two animal-loving crafters who decided to leave the rat-race in 2018 to establish their own small
business selling lovingly hand made gifts, all with an animal theme.

Both of us grew up in animal-friendly households with dogs and cats. Darren has rescued 16 homeless or stray cats over the years and worked for a number of years at Animals in Distress in Irlam in Greater Manchester. When Kim and Darren met 5 years ago, she knew
it was the cats she had to impress more than the parents! She passed the test with flying colours and the current three cats (Milly, Jarvis
and Polly) follow her around all day long, especially now that we’re working largely from home. They help/hinder us as and when they can
be bothered.

Since meeting, we have fulfilled lifelong dreams of seeing lemurs in Madagascar and orangutans in Borneo. When deciding on the theme
for our business, it seemed like the natural choice to make animals the stars of the show!


We take great care when choosing the materials for our products. We search the internet and local outlets to find the designs required
to give our products the look, feel and character that we feel our customers will enjoy.

We also take great care to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality, down to the finest detail, something we pride
ourselves on. From the beginning of the process to the way we package and present each item, Wild at Heart aim to provide the very best service to our customers. This despite our chaotic craft room. 


Being animal lovers and both becoming vegetarian before we were teenagers, we’re committed to ensuring all our products and as much of our business is as animal-friendly as possible. We are both now vegan and so ensure that no animal products or by-products are used in our creations and all items are vegan friendly.

  • All sewn items are made using man-made or cotton fibres. Absolutely no leather, wool or silk.

  • All crocheted items are made using manmade yarn (usually 100% acrylic).

  • All glue used in cards, clay items, etc. Is plastic-based (plastic isn’t ideal, but it’s better than horse glue!)

  • We package our items in FSC approved boxes, and all packaging is re-used, recycled and / or recyclable.

  • Overseas packages are enclosed in sustainably sourced sugar cane bags. 

  • Our business cards and price labels are printed on recycled card.

  • Our fabric branding labels in bags and clothing are made from polyester recycled yarns.


If you have any questions about the materials used to make any of our products, please get in touch. 



Wild at heart supports the Society for Abandoned Animals, a local organisation in Sale, Greater Manchester, that re-homes abandoned cats and rabbits. They look after their animals in great facilities, for as long as it takes to find new forever homes.

If you see us at a craft fair, please consider dropping any spare change in the collection box, or visit their website and check them out for yourself.

New group mask pic.jpg

Thank you!


for the Society for Abandoned Animals

in Sale, Greater Manchester.


   You bought over 400 animal face masks from Wild at Heart,

       raising £204 to support the work of the SAA.


Thanks from us and from them.