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A Personalised Bag featuring Your Dog!

We are looking for doggy models to feature on our next Wild at Heart fabrics and bags. Do you think your best friend has what it takes to be our Next Top Model?

Of course they do! They're the cutest pooch in the world! 

Send us your favourite doggy pics and you could win a bag featuring your dog!

dog with speech bubble.jpg

We have chosen 3 dog breeds for our next 3 exclusive Wild at Heart fabrics.
Is your dog one of these? Then please enter our competition.

King Charles Spaniel

cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-for website.jpg

Tricolour, Blenheim or Black and Tan, send us some pics of your beloved King Charles (the dog, not the new monarch!), and we will coo over them all to find our favourite!

English Bull Terrier

English Bully - for website.jpg

One of the most iconic of dog breeds, we can't wait to have our own fabric featuring one of these gorgeous guys! Send us your photos for a chance to win a free Bully bag.


Schnauzer-for website.jpg

Miniature, Standard or Giant, we love them all! If your Schnauzer has the best beard, the bushiest eyebrows, or is just the cutest of them all, please send us your photos!

These were our last two exclusive Wild at Heart fabrics

Your dog could

be here!!

IMG_2988 edited.JPG

Details and How to Enter

We are offering the opportunity for you to win a bag featuring your very own pooch.  Not only will they be on your bag, but they will be the model for all our bags featuring that breed. Your dog will be seen on Wild at Heart bags across the world! 

So, start scrolling through the 1000s of photos we're sure you have of your best friend, and send us up to 4 of your favourites. 

Here's how the competition will work:

- If you have a King Charles Spaniel, English Bull Terrier or Schnauzer, please email us up to 4 photographs (ideally a mixture of portrait (head) shots and full body shots) to 

- Please note: Other dog breeds and pets will follow in future competitions. We love all animal pics, but please stick to these three for now!

- Send your photos no later than Sunday 27th August 2023.

- We will choose our favourite three dogs for each breed. These will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages and be put to a vote. Please check out our social media between 28th August and 3rd September to vote for your dog!! Get all your friends to do the same! See links below.

- The winners will be announced on social media on Monday 4th September. We will also contact the winners directly via email.

- The winning photos will be sent to our extremely talented artist, Collette, from Perfect Gift Designs who will create a watercolour portrait of your pet.

- We will check you are happy with the portrait, then it will be sent off to the digital fabric printers to be made into a Wild at Heart exclusive fabric.

- Finally, we will make the fabric into our bags, and you will receive a free bag in your choice of bag design. We expect to be able to make the first bag around the end of October. 

Send up to 4 photos to

Enter by 27th August 2023

Good luck! We can't wait to see your gorgeous doggy pics! 
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